2018 Holiday Party

     The 2018 Holiday Party was a great success.  On behalf of the organization,  'thank you'

  to Diane Butler and her team of ladies for planning and coordinating such a great party. 

     A BIG shout out to The Betty McKean Real Estate Team for being our 

      Exclusive Platinum Partner.  
































2018 WGA President Edna Adams & Vice President Mary Fisher with Betty McKean and Trish Scates.

2018 FLWGA Board of Directors (left to right): Amy Puccinelli-Social Director, Donna Ballew-Membership Director (?),Wren Lowery-Secretary, Mary Fisher-President; Judy Merritt-Financial Director, Edna Adams-Past President.

Congratulations to Ann Sparks for Most Improved Player for 2018 

Congratulations to Judy Woods, Becky Davis, Betty Detrich for their 1st Birdie

Congratulations to Mary Fisher and Julie Francis for having birdies.

Congratulations to Debbie Ahlgren and Elizabeth Grubb for breaking 90 this year.

Congratulations to Bonnie Marpe, Beck Rice, and Jean Brown (not pictured) for having ringers.

Congratulations to Dixie Randall 18 hole golfer and Sharon Hack - 9 hole golfer for being the most improved golfers.


Winners:      Mary Fisher and Barb Stamas. 

Runners Up: Amy Puccinelli and Bonnie Marpe.

Consolation: Fran Wisner and Jean Brown (not pictured).



Winners:      Becky Rice and Kathy Chaffee (not pictured).

Runners Up: Debbie Alhrgen and Jenny Blackwood.

Consolation: Diane Dunne and Judy Geary.


HOLE - IN - ONES  (2 winners)

Becky Rice & Ann Sparks

Dale and her committee did a wonderful job with the center pieces.

Another fun year of dancing, dining, drinking, and visiting.  Oh yes, and a GREAT golfing year!  So for 2017 ... have a very Happy Holiday. 

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