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2022 March Madness

A Scramble with a Twist

The Opening Day Scramble was a blast! Congratulations to all the winners (and losers  ) Thanks so much to Elizabeth Grubb and her committee for doing a fabulous job.


Here are the results of our March Madness... Opening Day Scramble with a Twist:


1st Place:

Ann Sparks, Barbara Westerbeck, Tammy Frewen and a ghost player because Marilyn Colon was injured and couldn't play.


And because it was March Madness...LAST place won a prize. Last place team was:

Miko Self, Rosemary Calderon, Julie Ann Francis and Sheryl Ransome


Both Team Holes in One were won by Sue Miller, Betty Detrich, Terry Graves and Leslie Tieszen


Random Drawings were won by Marna Prather, Erin Garrison and Deb Riach, Toni Jenkins, Shara Margheim, Diane Butler and Audrey Early.

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