2019 Board of Directors

To contact any of the below Board of Directors you may email:  FLWGA.connect@gmail.com

left TO right: Amy Puccinelli, Social Director;  Donna Ballew, Vice President;  Wren Lowery, Secretary; 

Mary Fisher, President;  Judy Merritt, Treasurer;  Edna Adams, Past President. 

NOT PICTURED:  Debbie Ahlgren, Golf Director;  Joanne Normandin, Membership Director.

                      Mary Fisher                         President            

                                 Donna Ballew                   Vice President          

                                 Wren Lowery                     Secretary                      

                                 Judy Merritt                        Treasurer  

                                  Debbie Ahlgren               Golf  Director                             

                                  Joanne Normandin       Membership Director 

                      Amy Puccinelli                 Social Director

                       Edna Adams                      Past President

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