Hey Golfing Gals,


Well we definitely SPRUNG INTO GOLF with a full field of 40 teams (80 players) in our MEMBER-MEMBER Tournament. Special thanks to Pat Dunmore and Petra Vandergriend for organizing a fantastic event. 6-6-6 was a very creative and fun format. And how about that CLOSEST TO THE WINE contest!! The Goodie Bags were fantastic and useful (especially since I personally lost two new balls in the water!!!) Thanks also to Becky for doing her usual good job of preparing the scorecards and figuring out the results.


Thanks to all players who kept the pace of play brisk (probably to get out of the wind! lol) Thanks for abiding by the pandemic protocols as well. 


1)  For all team results, members can go to the Member Portal:

  • Click on Member name in the top left of the page

  • Select "Tournaments"

  • Click on "Tournaments" in the center of the page

  • Click on "Member-Member Tournament"

  • Click on "Results".  This is in order of Flight, Gross Score


2)  Prizes will be delivered within a week either on a playday or to the players home. If you are not at home when I deliver the envelopes, I will leave it under your mat and text you a reminder to be sure to look under your mat when you get home.


With so many participants, we were able to award 4 places in 4 flights! Woohoo!!! 


And now for the results:


Flight A                       Team                                            Gross Score

1st              Chaffee, Kathy / Rice, Becky                             70       Scorecard Playoff

2nd             Lair, Kaye / Ahlgren, Debbie                             70       Scorecard Playoff

3rd             Grubb, Elizabeth / Litty, Judy                             71

4th              Prather, Marna / Van Rensburg, Jenny            74       Scorecard Playoff

Flight B                       Team                                            Gross Score

1st              Smith, Corinne / Crews, Ann                             70

2nd             Bryan, Jennifer / Braun, Joyce                          72

3rd              Culwell, Diane / Brown, Jean                            73

4th              Merritt, Judy / Geary, Judy                                75

Flight C                       Team                                            Gross Score

1st              Herron, Karren / Stamas, Barb                         64

2nd             Tyndall, Pamela / Tornblom, Deb                      70

3rd              Rogers, Glena / Riberich, Marianne                 72       Scorecard Playoff

4th              Randle, Dixie / Stephens, Charlene                  72       Scorecard Playoff

Flight D                       Team                                            Gross Score

1st              Ellis, Sue / Tieszen, Leslie                                 70

2nd             Schroder, Sharon / Shearer, Susan                  73

3rd              Marshall, Marty / Clinton, Jean                         74

4th              Hack, Sharon / Brabant, Ann                             75


Closest to the Line            Hole

Bonnie Marpe                      3

Terry Graves                        9

Ann Crews                          15

Corinne Smith                    18


Next month we have two events...The Wildflower Cup on May 5 and we are hosting an Exchange Playday with 8 other clubs coming on May 26.


Lots of great things happening in the FLWGA!


Hit 'em straight,


Rosemary Calderon

2021 FLWGA Golf Director