Hi Pandemic Scramblers,


Well, we did it! We played together and had a great and safe time. We heard so many wonderful comments from all who played. Glad you enjoyed the contents of your goodie bag. I will wear my golf ball mask everytime I go to any course to play. Special thanks to members of the Quilting Angel Club who helped make these masks. When the new season starts in March, if we are still in pandemic mode, we will have our monthly scrambles in a safe manner as we did on Wednesday. 


And now for the results. Lots of ties were decided by scorecard play-offs.


Total number of players - 83


Flight A Team Gross Score

1st      Lair, Randle, Frewen                                               78     Scorecard playoff - 4th hole

2nd    Chaffee, Detrich, Dunmore, Ransome              78

3rd     Miller, Ornes, Graves, Major                                83     Scorecard playoff - 4th hole

Flight B Team Gross Score

1st    Anderson, Allen, Plummer, Baird                           74

2nd  Mueller, Omara, Hack, Ellis                                    82      Scorecard playoff - 10th hole

3rd   Litty, Frisby, Francis, Baldwin                                 82


Flight C Team Gross Score

1st    Moore, Calderon, Garrison, Wisner                       81

2nd  Davis, Schwend, Yannarella                                     84    Scorecard playoff - 4th hole

3rd   Patterson, Takamoto, Kim                                       84



Closest to the PIN              Flight  Hole

Debbie Ahlgren           A        14

Mary Fisher                  B        12

Terry Graves                C         8

Diane Clark                  D         5


Congratulations to the winners.


Anyone interested in all team results, you can go to the Member Portal and do the following:


1)  Click on "Tournaments" in the top right corner

2)  Click on "Tournaments" in the center of the page

3)  Click on "Pandemic Closing Day"

4)  Click on "Results".  This is in order of Flight, Gross Score, Tie Breaker



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