May 1st, 2020

Hello all members!


I hope that this email finds you and your family safe and healthy!


Golf courses have had a lot of changes during this pandemic.  Frisco Lakes specifically was closed completely for 3 weeks, then it opened with severe restrictions - which kept the FLWGA play days side lined.


With Governor Abbott's order to start opening up Texas in phases - the first phase starting tomorrow, May 1st, the restrictions on golf courses have been loosened, but there are still restrictions.  I've talked to Se Kwang and we are able to resume some of our play days starting in May!  


That is excellent news!


We will begin playing Wednesday mornings on May 13th and Saturday mornings on May 9th - look for the sign up sheets soon.  Unfortunately, at this time, our Monday afternoon 9 hole play day will not be able to play.


However, there will be some restrictions that we all must abide by.  Please read these completely and adjust accordingly:


1)  The pro shop will be open, so we will not have to pre-pay for our golf.  However, only 2 golfers will be allowed in the pro shop at one time and you MUST WEAR a FACE MASK to enter the pro shop.  You can call and pay for your golf via phone - but keep in mind, there is only one person generally working the pro shop and they will be waiting on customers - so you may not be able to get through.  Please arrive a bit early to insure that you have time to pay for golf before going out and don't forget the FACE MASK.


2)  Social distancing of 6' must be maintained at all time in all areas.  So, as we are all waiting outside the pro shop to pay, on the tee boxes, on the greens, just saying hi - please keep your distance.


3)  Bathrooms in the club house will be open - you will need to wear your face mask to enter the clubhouse.


4)  Only 1 person per golf cart and only 2 golf course carts are allowed in a foursome.  The other 2 people must walk or be in a personal cart.  We will do our best to accommodate everyone in the pairings.


5)  NO socializing before or after the round.  Hopefully, the restaurant will open soon and maybe a quick beer after the round - but at this time, that is not available.


The golf course is allowing the WGA to have both 18 hole and 9 hole groups on Wednesday morning.  The rates will continue to be the same - but if you are renting a golf course cart - you may have to pay a cart fee.  There will still be a 9 hole discounted rate.  Please be mindful, that we are very lucky they are still allowing our Wednesday group the ability to play 9 holes at a discounted 9 hole rate.  The golf club does not offer a public 9 hole rate and both the MGA 9 hole group and our Monday group has been cancelled so that those tee times are available for full price tee times.


The Wednesday groups will be limited at this point to 12 tee times - 48 players.

1)  We are splitting the tee times in half - 6 for 18 hole play, 6 for 9 hole play.

2)  If the group fills up, contact the appropriate coordinator to get on a wait list.  Depending on the number of golfers signed up / on a wait list for 18 and 9 holes - we will shift tee times between the two groups as needed.

3)  With the weather being so wonderful right now and all of us having been stuck without much golf for a while, I know demand will be high. Therefore, it is VERY IMPORTANT to show up if you sign up.  If you are unable to play please cancel with your coordinator as soon as possible so another golfer may play.

4)  Sign ups for Wednesday 9 and 18 hole play day is SUNDAY at 6PM.  Please note, we will release any tee times not used to the golf course at that time.  So, any late sign ups will be added to fill out tee times, but additional tee times will not be available after the sign up close time.


We will evaluate near the end of May to see where we are for June play days and tournaments.


I'm not sure we will be back to "normal" in life for a long time, if ever.  But, we can get to a new normal and enjoy the game of golf! 


I apologize for the long email - if I forgot anything or you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me directly (, the board of directors (, or your play day coordinators (listed below).


Thanks in advance for your patience as we transition back to golf!


See you soon on the course.


Becky Rice 

2020 FLWGA President



Wednesday 9 hole:  Mary Fisher ( or Donna Ballew (

Wednesday 18 hole:  Becky Rice ( or Ann Sparks (

Saturday 18 hole:  Dixie Randle (

Monday 9 hole:  Becky Davis (