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BYLAWS DESCRIPTION:  The Golf Director shall be responsible for all golf programs.
DUTIES include but are not limited to:  

  • Coordinates and communicates about the WGA golf  program to the board and all members

  • Selects, trains, and monitors Tournament, Play Day, Rules, Handicap, and Exchange Coordinators

  • Builds and maintains relationships with clubhouse staff in coordination with the President, Tournament, and Play Day Coordinators:

    • Sets the calendar of events

    • Determines the fees and  structures for tournaments, play days, and  other golf-related activities

  • Plans and monitors annual budget for the golf program 

  • Monitors Big Sister/Little Sister and Ambassador programs 

  • Ensures Rules Meetings are held regularly and issues relating to handicaps are resolved 

  • Works with Partnership Chair to determine the events needing funding 

  • Works with Vice President on system needs related to the WGA golf program

PREFERRED SKILLS:    Knowledge of golf programs, previous tournament experience, leadership ability 


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