BYLAWS DESCRIPTION:  The Golf Director shall lead various committees, coordinators and chairpersons responsible for all play days and tournaments, local or away. She shall also be responsible for handicaps, rules, End of Season awards, and other golf programs. She will serve as an FLWGA Website Administrator and provide website assistance to those individuals that she has appointed.   
DUTIES include but are not limited to:  

  • Coordinates and communicates about the WGA golf  program to the board and all members

  • Selects, trains, and monitors Tournament, Play Day, Rules, Handicap, and Exchange Coordinators

  • Builds and maintains relationships with clubhouse staff in coordination with the President, Tournament, and Play Day Coordinators:

    • Sets the calendar of events

    • Determines the fees and  structures for tournaments, play days, and  other golf-related activities

  • Plans and monitors annual budget for the golf program 

  • Monitors Big Sister/Little Sister and Ambassador programs 

  • Ensures Rules Meetings are held regularly and issues relating to handicaps are resolved 

  • Works with Partnership Chair to determine the events needing funding 

  • Works with Vice President on system needs related to the WGA golf program

PREFERRED SKILLS:    Knowledge of golf programs, previous tournament experience, leadership ability