As we have all been watching and reading the latest news around COVID-19, we are seeing extremes measures being put into place in our cities and across the country to try to slow down the spread of this virus.  


"Social distancing" is what is being highly recommended and to that end, our Amenity centers are closed, many bars and restaurants are going to delivery or to go only, major sporting leagues are cancelled, and many, many more things.


To this end, it has been decided to cancel our Member Member tournament scheduled for Wednesday, April 8th.  The committee, led by Pat Dunmore and Petra Vandergriend, had already cancelled the luncheon.  They were having discussions of how we could still have the tournament - but not get together as a big group.  But the reality is - the social part of our tournaments is as important (maybe more!) than the golf.  For any member that paid for lunch via PayPal, you should have received a refund by now.  If not, please reach out to Judy Merritt.


Rosemary will work with the committee to see if we can find a date later in the year to re-schedule this fan favorite tournament - we'll keep you posted.


Wednesday, April 8th will be a normal Wednesday play day - with 9 hole and 18 hole options available - sign ups will be out soon.


As long as the golf course remains open, we will continue our play days (Monday PM 9 hole, Wednesday AM 9 and 18 hole, Saturday AM 18 hole).  The golf course is allowing any golfer with their own personal golf cart to "ride alone" if they wish - in order to maintain social distance.  So, we can have up to 4 golf carts on a hole.  This will be in effect until April 17th - at which time they will re-evaluate.  For those using golf course carts, you will still need to ride 2 to a cart - there are just not enough carts to go single with the golf course carts.  And of course, walking the course is always an option.


The Wildflower Cup, scheduled for Wednesday, May 13th, is in the planning stages now.  We will continue to evaluate each tournament / social event as they come up in the schedule and based upon what is going on with COVID-19 will make the best and safest decision possible.


Everyone stay safe and hope to see you out on the course soon.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me (





2020 FLWGA President

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