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BYLAWS DESCRIPTION:  The Treasurer shall collect and keep all monies of the Association and disburse them as directed by the Board of Directors. She shall keep the accounts and financial books belonging to the Association, which shall be at all times open to inspection by the Board, and shall make a written report at each meeting of the Board of Directors of all monies received and paid out, and the amount of funds on hand.  She shall also make a report of the financial condition of the Association at each meeting of the members.

DUTIES will include but not be limited to:  

  • Monthly bank reconciliation 

  • Reporting:

    • Monthly reports – Balance Sheet and P&L Statement to Board

    • Quarterly reports to Village Association Controller 

    • Annual report to members  (typically at Annual Meeting/Holiday Party) 

  • Deposits, process checks received, transfer of funds from PayPal

  • Write Checks – pay vendors, reimburse expenses 

  • Monitor and maintain PayPal Account 

  • Maintain accurate records 

PREFERRED SKILLS:  Knowledge/experience with Quick Books or other financial software, knowledge of general accounting principles, general knowledge for using journal entries 

TOOLS NEEDED:   Internet access.  A laptop with the appropriate software loaded will be provided.



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