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What a beautiful day for the Wildflower Cup. 50 gals sporting their team colors spent a beautiful morning and early afternoon on the golf course participating in Match Play. The weather was perfect and spirits were high. It was a day of friendly competition filled with jokes, ribbing and good fun!


As many of us sat on the patio watching the teams trickle in and cheering them on as they reported the results of their match, the tally was leaning toward the Sunflowers. Suddenly Bluebonnets began to catch up and soon it was a tie. We waited for that final match to report....and then "BOOM!" BLUEBONNETS PULLED IT OUT!


Congratulations, Bluebonnets!!    It was neck and neck but the Bluebonnets edged out the Sunflowers 13 points to 12!  Consensus was we had a wonderful, fun time!  The winning ladies will be rewarded with a 1 hour chipping and putting clinic with Scott Lindgren and Mike Mathis, to be scheduled in the near future.  


Thanks to coordinators, Debbie Ahlgren, Ann Sparks & Kathy Chaffee, who put on a wonderful tournament.  A great time was had by all.

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