Hello FLWGA Members!

The start of the Official FLWGA 2021 season is just around the corner.  We have been sending all of you various emails with information related to the organization and the new schedule - I'm sure you may be tired of seeing our emails, but they all have good information to get us going this year!  Normally, we'd communicate a lot of this information at our annual Kick Off Party, but we are having to rely on email this year!  Please have patience with us, the number of emails should slow down soon!  

Golf News

Rosemary Calderon - your FLWGA Golf Director - has done a terrific job getting the 2021 tournaments and exchanges scheduled.  She sent a "Kick Off Party" email with lots of information about our upcoming season.  If you haven't taken a look at that yet, I encourage you to read through it to see what all is going on!

Play days

Monday play days a BACK!  Rosemary will be coordinating until she can find a coordinator.  If you are interested give her a call.  We continue to play on Wednesdays (9 and 18 holes) and Saturdays (18 holes).  Tee times will be set and sign ups for all of our play days are available on our Member Portal.


"On Season" play day golf officially kicks off on Wednesday, March 10th.  The Wednesday groups will have optional games available to play.  Remember, these games are optional - even if you opt not to play one week, you are still encouraged to come out and play golf!



The official start of our 2021 season will be the "Happy Days are Near Again" Opening Day scramble on Wednesday, March 3rd.  Bonnie Marpe and Barb Stamas have put together a great tournament - even with the limitations of Pandemic Protocols!  Sign up is available now on the flwga.com website!


Just a reminder, we now require that a member have a handicap established in our system in order to play in any tournaments or play day games.  It only takes the equivalent of 3 18-hole rounds at any combination of golf courses to establish a handicap.  If you need any help with entering scores in order to establish a handicap or have a handicap in another system you need help moving over, contact Dianne Dunn our handicap coordinator (email address available in the Member Portal).

Ringer Cards

Ringer Cards begin with the start of the season March 3rd until the Closing Day tournament.  Information about how Ringer Cards work is in the 2021 FLWGA Handbook (emailed to all members and available on the Member Portal under "Files") and Rosemary's "Kick Off Party" email.  One clarification - the "accomplishments" that can be noted on the back of the Ringer Cards are for the "first ever" during your FLWGA membership - NOT "first ever" for the year.  So, if you already received an award for "First Ever Par" - then you should not note another "First Ever Par" this year!

Hole in One Club
For those that joined the Hole in One Club this year, the pot is now up to $1,180!  Hole in ones count for any FLWGA event or exchange during the regular season - which starts are March 3rd!  Check out the requirements for submitting for a Hole in One in the 2021 FLWGA Handbook.  And don't get that hole in one until March 3rd or after!


Tip of the Week

Many of you will remember a "Rule of the Week" on our website in year's past.  I know we all learned a lot from them.  This year, Jenny Blackwood - our Rules Coordinator - will be posting a "Tip of the Week" each week to share some helpful information about the game.  The tips will include rules, etiquette, hints for ready golf, and anything else that seems helpful.  If you have any questions about golf, please ask.  Chances are that someone else wants to know the answer, too!  Questions can be addressed to flwga.rules@gmail.com.

Board News

This is all of our member's organization and the board wants to ensure that we are planning tournaments, play days, social events in a way that the majority of our members want.  We have created a Member Survey - available on the Signups Page (just like signing up for a play day or tournament) that I encourage all of you to go and fill out.  To those that have already done so - a big THANK YOU!  To those members who have not, this is an opportunity to have your voice heard!  We are trying to get rid of the assumptions or one off comments about what people want and hear from the majority!  The survey deadline has been extended to the end of day Wednesday, February 10th.  It's gonna be cold and rainy Wednesday, so a good day to take the time!

The 2021 FLWGA Calendar has been finalized and can be found on the flwga.com website.  It currently includes the dates of our scheduled tournaments, play days - both at Frisco Lakes and travelling, our board meetings, and several 18-hole exchanges.  The calendar will be updated periodically for new events or changes to current dates.  Check it out!

The 2021 FLWGA Handbook was emailed to all members a few weeks ago.  There are quite a few updates this year - including our local rules and the World Handicap System (WHS) Equitable Stroke Control (ESC) explanation.  There is a lot of great information about our organization in this handbook and I encourage all members to review it at your leisure.  If you can't find the email, the handbook is available on our Member Portal under "Files".

Our flwga.com website is continuously being updated and refreshed by Vice President Sue Ellis.  If you have any suggestions or see any issues (broken links, spelling, etc), please contact Sue (email address available in the Member Portal).

Sunshine Reminder
If you have heard of any FLWGA member who is under the weather, had surgery, or lost a loved one, please send a note to our Sunshine Coordinator Judy Geary (email address available in the Member Portal).  She will make sure to send them some Sunshine and Warm wishes from the FLWGA.

As always, our Board Meeting Minutes and Financials are available on our FLWGA website (here).

The next FLWGA Board meeting is Wednesday, March 10th, 2pm - via ZOOM conference. Everyone is always welcome to attend.  If you plan on attending, please notify me and I'll send you the ZOOM information.

If you have any questions or suggestions, drop us a line at flwga.bod@gmail.com or contact me (email address available in the Member Portal).

Hope to see everyone at the Opening Day scramble - Happy Days are Near Again!

Becky Rice
2021 FLWGA President    

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