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Good Day, FLWGA Members!

What a beautiful day it is!  We have waited a long time to finally enjoy some warm sunshine.  Hopefully, it's here to stay for awhile.  Our number of players is increasing after a rather dismal winter.  I hope you'll consider joining us on Wednesday mornings for either 9 or 18 holes.  

Currently, we have 131 members.  A "Rules" session was held recently for our group, attended by 42 ladies.  It was led by Rose Whatley, Becky Rice, Jenny Blackwood and Judy Litty.  The feedback was very positive, and perhaps indicates this is something to be presented more often.  Many thanks to our four "teachers".

Becky Rice, our Golf Director, has created a page with the current standings on the FLWGA website with a link from the main page, for our "Players of the Year" program.  Each flight is named after a color chosen by the lowest index in the group.  The standings will be updated periodically.  

Looking ahead, there will be a few more "traveling" playdays, due to outside tournaments scheduled on Wednesdays.  Becky Rice will keep us updated on those dates and where we will be playing, 9 & 18-hole players.  Also, Judy Merritt has volunteered to chair a Fall Tournament in October.  Jenny Blackwood will assist her.  Thank you, Judy and Jenny.  

Latest update on the clubhouse renovations:  Mid May (approx).  The restrooms on #5 are now functional.  Keep the faith!  We're almost there!

On a sad note, Scott Lindgren, our long-time golf instructor and faithful supporter of FLWGA, will be leaving Frisco Lakes effective August 1.  If you have lessons, etc due, please contact Scott to schedule.  There are plans to add a Hank Haney School of Golf for future lessons.  

Lastly, please notify Judy Geary if you are aware of any member who may be ill, grieving, or just needs some cheering up.  Judy is our Sunshine Coordinator and will send a card or note on our behalf.  I think we tend to forget this, (I'm guilty).  Even if you think Judy may already know, contact her to make sure we're not overlooking anyone.  By the way, one of our long-time members, smiling Sandy Jacobs, has made the decision to end her golfing days.  She would like to sell her golf clubs, if anyone is interested.  Please contact her directly for more information:   214-770-2570.   

Our next meeting is Tuesday, May 2nd at Westside Amenity Center, Room 2.  Members are always welcome.  Meeting minutes and monthly financials can be found on our website

"Sunny" regards,

Vicki Flood, President 2023

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