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Dear Members:

We have officially kicked-off our 2023 FLWGA season with 129 dues-paying members! 

The opening-day tournament, "Off to the Races", was a wonderful way to begin the season!  Many thanks to Elizabeth Grubb for, once again, chairing the first tournament for us.  She and her committee were responsible for the fun, decorations and delicious Mexican food.  Sincere appreciation to you ladies for all the time spent for our benefit!  Also, I'd like to express my appreciation to all players who maintained "pace of play".  After meeting with club management about their concerns of our tournament finishing on time, I can honestly say we had a successful result.  Again, thank you!!

A couple of reminders that Becky Rice has notified you of:

A "Rules" session will be held this coming Wednesday, at the Golf Club putting green from 10-12 noon, as there will not be a playday due to a previously scheduled tournament at FL.  Don't forget, all participants will receive points for attending toward the Players of the Year program!

Wednesday, March 29th, the 18-hole group will be playing at The Trails and the 9-hole group at Stewart Peninsula, also due to a previously scheduled tournament at FL. 

We are still hopeful someone will volunteer to chair another playday tournament this season.  Please consider this and contact Becky Rice if interested.  It does not have to be an individual; you and a friend can co-chair an event!  

The Board of Directors will meet on Tuesday, April 4th at 2:00 in Room 2 at the Westside Village Center.  Members are always welcome to attend. 

Lastly, Judy Geary is our Sunshine Chairwoman.  Please notify her at 469-644-1692 or if you are aware of a member who is ill or grieving over the loss of a loved one.  She will send a card of warm thoughts on our behalf.  

Kind Regards,

Vicki Flood, President
FLWGA 2023

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