Happy New Year FLWGA Members!

2020 was a challenging year with a global pandemic, but we managed to enjoy golf almost the entire year!  The pandemic continues with significant surges of cases worldwide, but vaccines are already being distributed so there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel!  


Golf News


Play days

We will continue to play all winter on Wednesdays (9 and 18 holes) and Saturdays (18 holes) - tee times will be set and sign ups available on our Member Portal.



Rosemary Calderon - Golf Director for 2021, has put together a great tournament season.  Although last year most of our tournaments were cancelled due to the pandemic, we had our final Closing Day tournament using pandemic protocols that was a great success.  Until the pandemic is under control, we will use these pandemic protocols for all of our future tournaments.  Please pay attention to the instructions of the tournament chair and follow the guidelines.  This will keep all of our members safe!



Our tournaments, 18-hole play days with a game, and exchanges utilize handicaps to do pairings, flight the teams, and in some cases assign "dots".  In the past if a player did not have an established handicap various methods were used to try to assign a handicap.  Unfortunately, none of these methods were fair to other players who have an established handicap.  It only takes a few rounds of golf to establish a handicap in our system.  Starting this year, a handicap established in our system will be required to play in a tournament, 18-hole play day with a game, or any exchanges.  I will be sending a separate email to all players who do not have a handicap yet established in our system - there is plenty of time before our first tournament to get one established.  If you do not get a handicap established, you are still encouraged to play in our 18-hole or 9-hole play days that do not play a game.

Social News

Our annual Kick Off party which usually takes place in February is not scheduled this year due to the continued pandemic.  We really do not know when we'll be able to have a large social gathering, but we are hoping it will be sometime later this year.  Given this, we have budgeted for 3 social events this year - a Welcome Back party, a happy hour, and the Annual Holiday party.  Fingers crossed we are able to have at least one if not all of these social gatherings!

Board News

The FLWGA Annual Early Membership Renewal drive concluded on December 31st with 138 members taking advantage of the low renewal rate of $10!  Welcome back to all of our returning members.

The 2021 FLWGA Calendar has been finalized with the golf course and can be found on the flwga.com website.  It currently includes the dates of our scheduled tournaments, play days - both at Frisco Lakes and travelling, our board meetings, and one exchange.  The calendar will be updated periodically for new events or changes to current dates.  

The 2021 FLWGA Handbook is being finalized and will be sent to all members this week.  There are quite a few updates this year - including our local rules and the World Handicap System (WHS) Equitable Stroke Control (ESC) explanation.  There is a lot of great information about our organization in this handbook and I encourage all members to review it at your leisure.

Our flwga.com website is continuously being updated and refreshed by Vice President Sue Ellis.  If you have any suggestions or see any issues (broken links, spelling, etc), please contact Sue at s.ellis.texas@gmail.com.

Sunshine Reminder
If you have heard of any FLWGA member who is under the weather, had surgery, or lost a loved one, please send a note to our Sunshine Coordinator Judy Geary (judy.geary1945@gmail.com).  She will make sure to send them some Sunshine and Warm wishes from the FLWGA.

As always, our Board Meeting Minutes and Financials are available on our FLWGA website (here).

The next FLWGA Board meeting is Wednesday, February 3rd, 8am - via ZOOM conference. Everyone is always welcome to attend.  If you plan on attending, please notify me and I'll send you the ZOOM information.

If you have any questions or suggestions, drop us a line at flwga.bod@gmail.com or contact me at rebeccamrice@gmail.com.

Looking forward to a great 2021 golf season!

Becky Rice
2021 FLWGA President    

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