Hello FLWGA Members!

I hope this email finds you and your family well and safe!

Golf News

Play days
  Our play days resumed on Wednesday, May 13th with some modifications. We are able to social distance with 1 rider per cart, flag sticks left in, gimme putts, no rakes, and girlfriend golf only. Unfortunately, that means no socializing after the rounds either.

However, even with the restrictions, we've had great turnout for our play days - with 60+ players each Wednesday across the 9 and 18 hole options! From the feedback I've had, everyone is happy to be back out playing golf - even with the restrictions.

 Our June play day sign ups are available on the Member portal - first tee times have been moved up to 7:30am to try to get in golf before it gets too hot.

  18 Hole Exchange at Oak Hollow Golf Course - Tuesday, August 11th - has been cancelled.

Volunteer News
 Rexine Fritz has been our Sunshine Ambassador for many years. Unfortunately, she has needed to resign this position this year. Judy Geary will be stepping in for the rest of the year to bring Sunshine to our Members. Our Sunshine Ambassador insures our FLWGA family members who are under the weather or have a death in the family know that their FLWGA family is thinking of them. If you hear of any FLWGA members who have a death in the family or are ill and need a little Sunshine, please let Judy know (judy.geary1945@gmail.com).

 Don't forget our "Spotlight On" series - where a current or former volunteer for the FLWGA is spotlighted for their dedication to the FLWGA. Anyone can submit a person for the "Spotlight" - send a write up of the person to Linda Mueller (flwga.bod@gmail.com).

Board News
  The Board met on Tuesday, June 2nd via ZOOM.  Although it has been a slow month for the FLWGA, the board continues to look for ways to simplify processes. A couple of items I'd like to highlight:
              1) Joanne Normandin (VP), working with Leslie Tieszen (Membership) and Judy Merritt (Treasurer) have streamlined the membership process for renewals / new members. The changes won't be significant to most members until the Renewal drive which will kick off in November, but it accomplishes a couple of things:
                           a) Saves the FLWGA money by removing the JOT Form for our application process. JOT Forms cost the FLWGA $190 / year plus required that a member put a personal credit card on file for charging the renewal each year.
                           b) Simplifies the process by using our existing software (Golf Software) for the bulk of our transactions during the Renewal drive in November / December of each year and a simple paper application for new members / renewals during the rest of the year. No more needing to learn yet another software to maintain the membership process!

              2) The board has approved an increase in the New membership fee to $55 / year. This accomplishes a couple of things:
                           a) It simplifies our fee structure. New members and renewal members for the current year pay the same price. If joining / renewing for the current year after September 1st, there will be a reduced rate. Hole in One and social memberships remain the same.
                           b) For our members who miss the Renewal drive during November / December when a discount is offered for renewing early - their renewal price after January 1st is now equitable with New members, not more than new members as it was before.

As always, our Meeting Minutes and Financials are available on our FLWGA website (here).

The next FLWGA Board meeting is Tuesday, July 7th, 9 am - Westside Village Center, Room 1 or via ZOOM conference. Everyone is always welcome to attend - location / ZOOM information will be posted on the FLWGA website a few days before.

If you have any questions or suggestions, drop us a line at flwga.bod@gmail.com

Hope to see everyone soon on the golf course!

Becky Rice
2020 FLWGA President

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