Dear FLWGA Members:

Finally, the rainy, windy weather has taken a backseat to the wonderful breezes and "hot" sun.  Now we have something to complain about again; the heat!!  Don't forget to apply sunscreen and keep your body well-hydrated!  

The Wildflower Cup was very least for the Bluebonnets!  (Don't you worry, Sunflowers; we'll get 'um next year!)  The social get-together was wonderful thanks to Won Kim and Jean Brown.  Also, it would not have been as great as it was had it not been for Joe Washburn's generosity in sponsoring it.  For those of you who do not know, Joe has been a well-known real estate agent for over 25 years.  He is also a Frisco Lakes resident.  If you see Joe, please thank him for his support of our FLWGA!

Many of our members attended the Cliff Erickson (voice and guitar) musical show on April 27th, which was presented by the Frisco Lakes Men's Golf Association and their sponsor, David Meadors.  The evening was very enjoyable; great music and delicious appetizers!  Many thanks to the MGA for inviting the WGA!  

Our next tournament is the Summer Scramble, with Wren Lowery and her Committee already working on plans for a fun day.  June 8th is the date, with sign-ups from May 9th through June 1st.  This will be an 18-hole event, BUT, all the holes will be Par 3's!!!  Sounds like lots of fun!

Looking further ahead, we have a great tournament coming up in July, a 9-hole Eclectic, July 20th and 27th.  I hear Toni Jenkins and her team have some great ideas for this 2-day event.   More about this to come soon!  Also, our Social Director has reported that her team is planning a Happy Hour Social on July 13th at the Hula Hut.  Stay tuned!!  

Our membership stands at 144 members.  We welcome our newest, Lesley Pryor!  

Lastly, we are looking for a couple of volunteers to assist Barbara Westerbeck, our 18-hole Playday Coordinator, from time to time.  This would consist of checking 18-hole members in on Wednesday and collecting money from those who elect to play "The Game" that day...($4).  Barbara does the computer end of the process, but would really be appreciative if someone else would take turns at the club house that morning.  This would give her a break now and then from needing to be there every week.  Please consider helping out.  You can contact Rosemary at 915-820-7464 or Barbara to learn more at 847-894-0802.  

Our next Board meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, June 7th at 2:00 in Room 2 of the Westside Center.  You are welcome to attend or if you have any issues you would like presented to the Board, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you!

Vicki Flood

2022 FLWGA President