Hello FLWGA Members!

Summer has arrived in full swing!  Our play days are a bit balmy and our FLWGA schedule has lightened up a bit, but there are still a few things happening!

Golf News


  Our annual Match Play tournament has officially kicked off!  We have four 9 hole teams playing a "shamble" against each other and 11 18 hole teams playing a combination of 9 holes of "shamble" and 9 holes of "modified alternate shot".  The teams have on average about 4 weeks to schedule their match against another team.  Every team is guaranteed to play at least two matches.  Keep up with all the action on the FLWGA website here.

Coming up soon:

  18 hole Exchange - Firewheel - Tuesday, August 10th

  9 hole Exchange and Brunch - Frisco Lakes, September 8th

Hole In One

Well Kaye Lair obviously got everyone in the mood!  For those that missed it, Kaye Lair got a hole in one during our Summer Scramble on hole #8 in June.  Not to be outdone, Wren Lowery got her FIRST Hole in One EVER during our Wednesday play day on hole #8.  Who says three's a crowd?  Not Debbie Ahlgren, who followed Wren with a Hole in One on #8 during the next Wednesday play day!  Boy, hole 8 must be really easy......NOT!  There are now 3 people splitting the Hole in One Club pot of $1,195 - which has been accumulating for 4 years!  There is still plenty of time to make it 4 or 5 people!  

Speaking of Hole in One's - Sue Ellis is putting together a Hole in One page to honor all of our members who have gotten a Hole in One during an FLWGA event over the years - yes, even before there was a Hole in One club!  So, if you have ever gotten a Hole in One during an FLWGA play day, tournament, or other event, please let Sue Ellis know the year and what hole!  And then keep your eyes open for the Hole in One page on the FLWGA website!


Social News  

  Plans are underway for our Annual Holiday Party scheduled for Wednesday, December 1st.  Be sure to mark your calendar so you are sure to attend - it should be a lot of fun!

Board News

As we all experienced, the last year+ was challenging in so many ways!  Ways that no one ever expected or could have imagined.  The Board found this to be true with our current ByLaws.  Some of the text in the ByLaws assumes things like we can all get together face to face!  Boy, did we find that not to be the case last year.  Early this year, the board decided to convene a ByLaws review committee and Jenny Blackwood graciously volunteered to lead the committee.  Jenny put together an excellent committee with Terry Graves, Judy Litty, Jane Schwend, Barb Stamas, and Fran Wisner.

The committee convened several months ago with a laundry list of things from the board that they might consider looking into.  The committee focused on addressing a few "covid" exposed issues, simplifying, and clarifying.  They have submitted their recommendations to the board and we are currently working on finalizing the approved bylaw changes for the membership to consider.

In the next couple of weeks, I will be sending a notice of a "ByLaws Review and Approval" meeting for the entire membership to attend.  The target date for the meeting is sometime in the last 2 weeks of August.  The meeting will review the changes that were recommended by the committee and approved by the board and answer all questions that the membership has about the changes.  Then the membership will vote on each change.  I understand that August tends to be a big travel month, so we will have a period of on-line early voting available.  More information about this will be in the notification.

As I've said many times, the FLWGA is YOUR organization.  The bylaws are the road map that the board follows.  When you receive the recommended changes, I encourage everyone to review the changes and either vote online OR attend the membership meeting to have your questions answered and to vote on the changes.

To provide some extra incentive to attend the meeting - we are going to wrap a casual cocktail party around it, so there will be some fun as we review the bylaws!

One last comment - a big THANK YOU to the committee members who volunteered their time to this endeavour - Jenny Blackwood, Terry Graves, Judy Litty, Jane Schwend, Barb Stamas, and Fran Wisner.  Our organization only works when we have members willing to volunteer their time to manage and improve the organization!

Sunshine Reminder

  If you have heard of any FLWGA member who is under the weather, had surgery, or lost a loved one, please send a note to our Sunshine Coordinator Judy Geary (  She will make sure to send them some Sunshine and Warm wishes from the FLWGA.

Our website is continuously being updated and refreshed by Vice President Sue Ellis.  If you have any suggestions or see any issues (broken links, spelling, etc), please contact Sue (contact information available on the member portal).

As always, our Board Meeting Minutes and Financials are available on our FLWGA website (here).

The next scheduled FLWGA Board meeting is Tuesday, August 10th, 2pm - Westside Village Center room #1.  Everyone is always welcome to attend.  

If you have any questions or suggestions, drop us a line at or contact me (contact information available on the member portal).

Look forward to seeing everyone out on the golf course! 

Becky Rice
2021 FLWGA President