Dear Ladies:

The "Christmas in July" 9-hole Eclectic Tournament included 39 players.  Unfortunately, the extremely hot weather conditions and a resurgence of a highly-contagious CoVid strain played a major part in the dwindling players and cancellation of the brunch.  We can't thank Toni Jenkins and her committee enough for the time and talents they devoted to the pre-planning stages of the tournament.  Thank you, Ann Crews, Carolyn Hartung, Debbie Riach and Terry Wood.  

Our Playdays and Match Play competition continue and the next tournament on our calendar is the Halloween Tournament on October 26th.  

The Driving Range improvements have come along nicely and the new range ball dispenser in the cart barn is an indication of better things still to come.  

Just a reminder:  If you hear of any FLWGA member who is under the weather, had surgery or lost a loved one, please send a note to our Sunshine Coordinator, Judy Geary, ( and she will send warm wishes on behalf of our Association.  

The FLWGA Board of Directors did not meet this month, but we will return to meeting on September 6th at 2:00 p.m. in Room 2, Westside Amenity Center.  All members are welcome.  Please don't hesitate if you have questions, concerns, suggestions, etc to contact the Board at or feel free to contact me at  

Thank you,

Vicki Flood

2022 FLWGA President