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Dear Members:

As we approach Thanksgiving and Christmas I can't help but wonder where 2023 went!  November 8th was our last official playday for the season.  After a very hot, dry summer we finally were blessed with much needed rain.  Our fairways and greens are looking great and I know we're thankful to Fernando and the maintenance crew who have worked tirelessly to make it happen.  


The Step-Aside Scramble was enjoyed by 60 of our members.  It was a great day and the players gathered at the club house late that afternoon for pizza!  Prizes were awarded and it appeared as though everyone had a wonderful time.  Thanks to Judy Merritt and her committee for all they did to make it a fun event. 


Several members participated in Match Play these past few months.  The team of Kaye Lair and Becky Rice were the first-place winners, followed closely by Betty Detrich and Sue Ellis and Brook Mooney and Lesley Pryor, tying for second.  Congratulations!  


As you know, 2024 dues are now being collected.  You can save $5 if you pay by December 31st.  You will find the Renewal Form and related information on our website. 


You will also find details of our upcoming Holiday Party, to be held December 6th from 5-8 pm.  This is our big event of the year, and thanks to the gracious generosity of the McKean-Belcher Real Estate Team, it gets better and better, and this year will not be an exception!  We will celebrate with dinner, awards and more.  You won't want to miss it.  You must sign up on the Member Portal by December 1st.  Once again, we will be collecting money for the Children's Advocacy Center for North Texas, our designated charity for past years.  


Finally, the exciting news of the election of our 2024 Board of Directors!  Congratulations to those elected and sincere thanks to all who volunteered to run for a position.  


President:  Leslie Tieszen

Vice President:  Sue Ellis

Secretary:  Becky Davis

Treasurer:  Betty Detrich

Golf Director:  Brook Mooney

Membership Director:  Lesley Pryor

Social Director:  Carol Cummings

Past President:  Vicki Flood


We will be in great, capable hands!   Happy Thanksgiving!


Warm Regards,

Vicki Flood
2023 FLWGA President

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