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2022 Wildflower Cup

Recent heavy rains required that the Wildflower Cup be played Cart Path Only with a free drop out of the soggy bunkers.  58 players braved the early morning fog and the wet conditions on what turned out to be a pretty nice day.

The BLUEBONNETS once again won the coveted Wildflower Cup 15-7 with 5 ties.  The Bluebonnets won a one-hour chipping and putting clinic from Scott Lindgren and another golf pro (date to be determined).  

The evening celebration was a terrific success with lots of food, drink, and laughter.  The "losers" of each match had to serve cake to the winners.  

Our coordinators for this fantastic event were Won Kim and Jean Brown with special thanks going to Realtor Joe Washburn for sponsoring this event.

DSC_0566 (2).JPG

Winners of the 2022 Wildflower Cup were the Bluebonnets.  Those in attendance at the celebration were:

Front Row: Marna Prather, Betty Detrich, Toni Jenkins, Becky Rice, Rose Whatley, Sue Ellis, Dixie Randle, Dana Aupperle, Kay Moen

Back Row: Connie Baird, Dianne Dunn, Marilyn Colon, Ann Brabant, Susan Rice, Audrey Early, Sue Miller, Pauline Webb, Annette Nagel, Jenny Blackwood, Judy Geary, Leslie Tieszen, Becki Ernst, Becky Davis, Jean Brown, Ann Crews, Diane Butler

A delicious selection of appetizers was enjoyed by all who attended.  Thanks to Realtor Joe Washburn for sponsoring this event.

Golf Director Rosemary Calderon announced the winning team.

The winners of the proximity marker contests were Becky Rice, Pam Edwards, and Petra Vandergriend.

Scott Lindgren will be conducting a Chipping and Putting clinic for the Bluebonnets.

President Vicki Flood asked everyone to stand up and introduce themselves so we could all get to know each other better.

Great food and lively conversation was enjoyed by everyone attending.

Better luck next year for the Sunflowers!!

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