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2023 Coordinators

Wednesday 9 Hole:   Dana Aupperle - Pairings

                                       Susan Rice - Check-in

                                       Becky Rice - Scoring

Wednesday 18 Hole:

                Off-season: Elizabeth Grubb

                On-season: Leslie Tiezsen - Pairings

                                      Jackie Horner - Check-in

                                      Jackie Spillman - Scoring


Backup fpr all positions on Wednesdays - Jenny Blackwood

Saturday 18 Hole: Charlene Stephens

Exchange Coordinator: Rosemary Calderon 

Rules Coordinator: Rose Whatley

Handicap Coordinator: Judy Litty

Partnerships: Judy Merritt

Graphic Designer: Erin Garrison

Sunshine Ambassador: Judy Geary

Assistant Website Manager: Becky Rice


Contact information can be found on the Member Portal

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