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President                                     Vicki Flood

Vice President                            Sue Ellis

Secretary                                     Deb Tornblom

Treasurer                                      Betty Detrich

Membership                                 Jackie Horner

Social Director                            Toni Jenkins

Golf Director                               Becky Rice

Past President                             Jenny Blackwood

9-Hole Coordinators              Susan Rice, Dana Aupperle, Becky Rice
18-Hole Coordinators            Elizabeth Grubb, Leslie Tieszen, Jackie Horner, Jackie Spillman, Jenny Blackwood

Saturday Coordinator            Charlene Stephens

Membership: 132 including 8 new members and one social member

The Frisco Lakes Women’s Golf Association celebrated the upcoming 2023 golf season with a Kick-Off party on February 15th, with David Meadors, of Morgan Stanley Wealth Management, once again serving as our Sponsor, of which we are most appreciative.  Approximately 100 ladies enjoyed the Italian-themed event.

The renovations to the Clubhouse/Restaurant had begun toward the end of 2022 and continued through the spring and summer of 2023.  The long-awaited completion was finally announced and the beautiful building we now have was worth waiting for. 


The Opening Day Tournament was held March 20th, with over 50 participants.  Lunch followed in Ballrooms D&E.  A basic rules session was also held in March with forty-two members attending.


Our Golf Director introduced a new program, “Players of the Year”, which was a handicap-flighted game each week for those who chose to participate.  Players “earned” points for various accomplishments, chip-ins, etc.  Those points were accumulated for individual end-of-season awards.


Eight teams enjoyed Match Play competition throughout the regular season and ended with a social get-together.


We were excited to order new golf shirts for those who were interested.  The attractive “Purplicious” shirts were embroidered with the Frisco Lakes logo and made quite a statement on the course. 


Our final golf event was a fun filled “Fall Tournament” held in October, with 65 ladies participating.  We reconvened at the Clubhouse later for pizza!  Our last playday was November 8th for the 2023 season.


Finally, in December we celebrated our FLWGA Holiday Party in Ballrooms D&E with a delicious dinner, awards presentations, and the introduction of the 2024 Board of Directors.  Our Exclusive Holiday Party Partner, “The McKean-Belcher Real Estate Team”, once again, overwhelmed us with their generosity.   We collected over $1950 for our designated holiday charity, Children’s Advocacy Center for North Texas, that evening from our very-giving attendees!


President                                     Vicki Flood

Vice President                            Sue Ellis

Secretary                                     Deb Tornblom

Treasurer                                      Betty Detrich

Membership                                 Karren Herron

Social Director                            Jean Plummer

Golf Director                               Rosemary Calderon

Past President                             Fran Wisner

9-Hole Coordinators              Becki Ernst, Susan Rice, Dana Aupperle
18-Hole Coordinators            Barbara Westerbeck, Jenny Blackwood, Jackie Horner, Jackie Spillman

Saturday Coordinator            Charlene Stephens

Membership: 142, including 14 new members

Our year began with a Kick-Off Party on February 16, 2022. Our sponsor was David Meadors of Morgan Stanley Wealth Management. 94 members signed up. Games, marking of putters and information on ringer cards, posting scores, etc. completed the


Our Opening Day “March Madness,” A scramble with a twist was held on March 2nd followed in April with the “Surprise Partner Tournament”. 


It was during this timeframe, March/April, that we were informed Frisco Lakes Golf Club had been sold and new owners would be taking charge immediately. Many of our members attended presentations by the new golf course owners.


The annual Wildflower Cup, (9 and 18-holes), was held in May with the Bluebonnets, once again, defeating the Sunflowers. Through a generous donation from local realtor, Joe Washburn, we enjoyed a Happy Hour/Appetizers get-together early that evening.

Our Summer Scramble, “Friends Don’t Let Friends Three Putt”, was played in June with 76 members participating. July 13 th was the date for a Social Happy Hour for all members, held at the Hula Hut, with appetizers provided and a Cash Bar; 50 ladies attended. Unfortunately due to the extreme heat and another outbreak of a highly-contagious CoVid strain, the “Christmas in July” Eclectic tournament only included 39 players; there was no lunch afterward. 


During the summer, the Driving Range was completely revamped. Eventually lights and music will be added to the Range. We were notified of golf rate changes, effective Aug 1st . There were no organized tournaments in August or September. 


In September we were informed the 9-hole Monday morning golf slots would be suspended. We will have 9-hole and 18-hole organized play on Wednesday mornings only. There will still be a Saturday morning slot, with weekend rates.

Our Halloween Tournament was held October 26th . There were 61 players in costumes who navigated a really fun course set up by the Committee. We did not have an official end-of-season event this year. However, our golf season ended November 9th with 41
ladies playing either 9 or 18 holes. Many players, and even some who did not play that day, joined on the patio for a Dutch-treat lunch. A great way to end the season.


In addition to the above tournaments, there were several 9 and 18-hole Exchanges held at various courses this year of which several of our members participated in. Our Match-Play tournament returned this year with 14 teams competing in both 9-hole and 18-hole brackets. The competition began March 3rd and ended October 25th .

We celebrated our Holiday Party on December 1st with the McKean-Belcher Real Estate Team as Sponsors. Nearly 100 ladies attended along with the Sponsors and representatives of Children’s Advocacy Center for North Texas, the charity for which we
collected almost $2000 for that evening. We also held our Annual Meeting at this time. A gift for members this year was a $20 gift card to the PGA Store.





President                                     Becky Rice

Vice President                            Sue Ellis

Secretary                                     Dixie Randle

Treasurer                                      Betty Detrich

Membership                                 Leslie Tieszen

Social Director                            Pam Tyndall

Golf Director                               Rosemary Calderon

Past President                             Vacant

9-Hole Coordinators                  Becki Ernst & Susan Rice

18-Hole Coordinators                Carol Cummings, Ann Sparks, & Brook Mooney

Saturday Coordinator                 Charlene Stephens

Monday Coordinator                   Rosemary Calderon

Membership: 153 Members including Social, 13 NEW Members


The COVID-19 Pandemic continued into 2021. By spring the COVID-19 vaccines had been approved giving us all hope that our FLWGA activities would be able to resume later in the year!



  • Due to COVID, the season Kick Off party was not scheduled.

  • The Pandemic Closing Day scramble in 2020 was such a success, we began the year with our Opening Day Scramble “Pandemic Style” on March 10th, a week delayed due to weather, but the members were happy to be back on the golf course together again.

  • We continued our full season of tournaments with the Member / Member, Wildflower Cup, and Summer Scramble following the “Pandemic Style”. Although these first four tournaments had no official social component, great goodie bags were distributed and several unofficial outdoor after tournament get togethers made life a bit more normal!

  • We conducted our annual rules meetings – three this year with one being on the Northside patio and one being a “show and tell” style meeting. We also had two handicap meetings to explain how handicaps worked!

  • On June 16th we had a Pool Party at the Northside Amenity Center Pool. It was our first social gathering of the members in a year and a half. It was a lot of fun to see our many golf friends and enjoy each others company once again!

  • In the fall we were finally able to get back to normal! Our 9 hole Scramble and Brunch was converted to a 9 hole exchange and we had three visiting golf courses for a great time and a wonderful brunch. The golf season finished off with our Halloween and Closing Day Tournaments – both of which included lunch and prizes at the clubhouse after golf.

  • Match Play tournament returned this year with 15 teams competing in both 9 and 18 hole brackets.

  • Our year finished with our Annual Holiday Party – sponsored by Betty McKean, Trish Scates, and Jan Belcher. We had 112 members and 5 guests RSVP to the event! Celebration catered a wonderful dinner, wine flowed generously, and Santa came to visit. The year end rewards were presented to our members, including any accomplished in 2020.



  • The board started the year having our board meetings via ZOOM! By April we were missing the live interaction and the meetings moved to Betty’s patio or the Northside Village Center patio!

  • The pandemic exposed some challenging areas in our bylaws so a bylaw review committee was established in the spring. The committee made recommendations to the board for changes to streamline and simplify the bylaws. A FLWGA Member meeting was held on August 26th. The bylaw changes were reviewed and approved by the membership.

  • We continued streamlining processes during the year, implementing a new renewal process, retiring the old signup software, and updating the FLWGA Handbook to be more generic to avoid yearly updates!


By the end of the year, the FLWGA was back to normal – at least a new normal – and the entire membership was looking forward to a new year!




President                                     Becky Rice                            

Vice President                            Joanne Normandin

Secretary                                     Linda Mueller

Treasurer                                      Judy Merritt

Membership                                Leslie Tieszen

Social Director                            Judy Geary

Golf Director                              Rosemary Calderon

Past President                             Mary Fisher


9-Hole Coordinators                 Mary Fisher & Donna Ballew

18-Hole Coordinators               Becky Rice & Ann Sparks

Saturday Coordinator                Dixie Randle

Membership:  156 Members including Social, 47 NEW Members

2020 will be remembered as the year of the COVID-19 Pandemic! 



  • The season Kick Off party was held on February 19th.  The party this year was more casual with lots of games, a shirt swap, and fun had by all! 

  • The Opening Day Scramble was scheduled for March 4th, but was canceled due to rain.  All members who had signed up for the Scramble still met at the amenity center for a box lunch from Jason’s Deli, a prize raffle, and good company. 

  • The annual rules meeting was held on March 10th in a “show and tell” format!  USGA quick reference rule books were given as raffle prizes.

  • On March 25th, a “stay at home” order due to the pandemic was issued by Denton County and the golf course closed down for several weeks.  We resumed our play days on May 13th with COVID-19 protocols in place including no games, social distancing, and single rider carts. Our Monday 9-hole play days were discontinued by the golf course.

  • Following the national pandemic “stay safe” guidelines all social events and tournaments were canceled to avoid large gatherings. 

  • The membership missed our large golf tournaments, so the Pandemic Closing Day scramble was organized.  It followed protocols that allowed for a fun day of golf that kept our members safe – no social gathering afterward, staggered paying, single rider carts!  It was a terrific day of golf enjoyed by all members!


Business:  Although there were fewer tournaments and social events, the board stayed busy!

  • New golf shirts were offered with a new FLWGA logo!  50 shirts were purchased by members.

  • On February 25th we had a town hall on the new World Handicap System (WHS) and how handicap is calculated.

  • The website got a new look!

  • Our Member Portal was upgraded to the latest 2020 version which included the new (WHS) handicap calculation.

  • Our early renewal process was streamlined to use our existing Signup Solutions software.

  • Given that we spent little money on tournaments or social events, our early renewal discount rate was set at $10.  138 members took advantage of the early renewal discount!





President                                     Mary Fisher                               

Vice President                            Donna Ballew

Secretary                                     Wren Lowery

Treasurer                                      Judy Merritt

Membership                                Joanne Normandin

Social Director                            Amy Puccinelli

Golf Director                              Debbie Alhgren

Past President                             Edna Adams


9-Hole Coordinators                 Mary Fisher & Donna Ballew

18-Hole Coordinators               Becky Rice & Ann Sparks

Saturday Coordinator                Dixie Randle

Monday Coordinator                 Pat Dunmore


Membership:  130 Members including Social


February 20th was our annual Kick Off Party for the 2019 Season with our opening day Scramble scheduled on March 6th.  Unfortunately, it was cancelled due to the weather.  We did have our “Opening Day” lunch in spite of the bad weather.  April brought our Member-Member Tournament with the Wildflower Cup in May and then Summer Scramble in June.  Taking a break for summer, we resumed Tournaments in September, with the 9 Hole Tournament and Invitational.  October brought the 9 Hole Exchange and our annual Halloween Tournament.  Our Closing Scramble was scheduled in November, but due to weather again, we were forced to cancel, but we did not let that keep us from having lunch.  Our 2019 Year concluded with the Annual Meeting and Holiday Party on December 11. The 2020 Board was introduced, and the Past Presidents were recognized. We presented our members with FLWGA 2019 tote bags.  We were also able to provide gift cards for the Grounds Crew at the golf course.  We were able to have two Member-Guests Events this year that were enjoyed by membership and guests as well as provided lunch after two of our scheduled/cancelled tournaments. We finished our 2019 year with 130 members.





President                                    Edna Adams

Vice President                           Mary Fisher

Secretary                                    Wren Lowery

Treasurer                                     Judy Merritt

Membership                               Donna Michel

Social Director                           Dianne Butler

Golf Director                              Ann Sparks

Past President                            Kathy Stillwell


9-Hole Coordinators                Mary Fisher and Donna Ballew

18-Hole Coordinators              Becky Rice and Ann Sparks

Saturday Coordinator               Dixie Randle

Monday Coordinator                Pat Dunmore


Membership:  143 Members including Social



Our season started with our Kick-off Party on February 6th and a membership of 143 players.  The WGA secured their separate storage unit for the year.   The Golf Club changed our play-days from shot-gun to tee-times to accommodate outside play.  The Wild Cup Tournament was won by the “Sunflowers”.  Team shirts were available to the membership to be worn at the 18-hole and 9-hole Exchanges as well as all our local tournaments.  Many revisions and changes were implemented to our software program regarding sign-ups and emails.  The Golf Course Committee reported they are waiting on irrigation reports, inspection of the wells and natural grass areas to comply with City codes.  Several Golf Rules clinics were held during the year.  By vote of the board FLWGA will no longer be participating in Central Texas Women’s Golf Assoc.  We were blessed with Sponsor’s participation again this year with Joe Washburn Realtors being a new sponsor.  An Invitational tournament was held in September with 122 players representing 26 different clubs.  The WGA purchased cell phone chargers for the entire membership and were given out at the Holiday Party along with a number of gift cards.  New Board members were recognized as well as Past Presidents. Gift cards were also purchased for the Ground Keepers.  Due to rain and cold weather several tournaments were canceled.





President                                    Kathy Stillwell

Vice President                           Marilyn Colon

Secretary                                    Judi King/Janet DeLaurier

Treasurer                                     Judy Merritt

Membership                               Barb Stamas

Social Director                           Dale Kaiser

Golf Director                              Edna Adams

Past President                            Joyce Braun

9-Hole Coordinators                Mary Fisher & Donna Ballew

18-Hole Coordinators              Becky Rice & Ann Sparks

Saturday Coordinator               Dixie Randle

Monday Coordinator                Linda Mason



Membership:  157 Members including Social


Our season began with Monday being our playday which was a change made by   the club’s management.  In April, we were moved to Wednesday but with assigned tee times instead of a shotgun start.  The new Local Rule #7 was added based upon the recommendation of the USGA.  Due to new banking requirements, our Financial Controls and Procedures were amended.  Many revisions and changes were implemented on our website. In May, the Sunflowers won the Wildflower Cup.  Our inagural Invitational was played in September with Home Team Pest Control as our new Platinum Sponsor.  Players from 26 clubs were invited filling the 120 spots including our members.   With the growth and changes of our organization, it was necessary to revise and amend our By-Laws.  The membership voted to approve the recommended changes in June.  The Board of Directors decided that the history of our organization should be documented.  Joyce Braun accepted the role of researching all past minutes and produced yearly facts.  With the assistance of members, the History of the FLWGA was written and posted on our website in October. We had an exciting end of season with two members having a “Hole-In-One” splitting the $940 pot.  Congratulations to Ann Sparks and Becky Rice.  Members received Wine Totes, Wine stoppers and a bottle of wine at the Holiday Party.  Extra year end funds were used for a member drawing of gift cards.  Past Presidents were recognized that evening.  A fun year for all!





President                                     Joyce Braun

Vice President                            Judy Woods

Secretary                                     Terry Graves

Treasurer                                     Donna Bohn

Membership                               Jackie Spillman

Social Director                           Nancy Caughron

Golf Director                              Barbara Pickelman

Past President                            Jenny Blackwood

9-Hole Coordinator                  Mary Fisher & Erin Garrison 

18-Hole Coordinator                Donna Ballew & Charlotte Ashworth

Saturday Coordinator               Dixie Randle

Monday Coordinator                Linda Mason


Membership:  170 Members including Social


In February, Marilyn Colon along with her co-leader, Judy Woods fully implemented the FLWGA Website utilizing the Handicap system, Weekly Sign-up as well as many other programs. Thanks to Dianne Dunn, the enrollment in GHIN was discontinued.  It was only through extensive training of Board Members and later our members that this transition was very successful.  In October, we hosted the 9-Hole Exchange. Membership was formally invited to attend all Board Meetings.  It was a full year of golf activities!


Business Issue: The Board considered new timelines for the Nominating Committee with the recommendation that the By-Laws be changed in 2017. 


Business Issue: The Board considered new ideas for play-days due to the Golf Club’s concerns about speed of play and allowing public access earlier.  These included ideas like tee times and playing on different days.  Though the Board decided on one approach, the membership elected to stay with the current play-day procedures as long as possible.





President                                     Jenny Blackwood

Vice President                            Marilyn Colon

Secretary                                     Sue Mercker

Treasurer                                     Carol Lyon

Membership                               Janet DeLaurier

Social Director                           Patt Feller

Golf Director                              Kathy Stillwell

Past President                            Linda Mason

9-Hole Coordinator                  Terry Graves

18-Hole Coordinator                Donna Ballew & Charlotte Ashworth   

Saturday Coordinator               Dixie Randle

Monday Coordinator                Lois Conover


Membership:  174 Members including Social


Software was purchased for the development of our FLWGA Website which began with Marilyn Colon and Judy Woods.  Many of our members were involved in the initial input and trial implementation of the new website.  Our first Handbook with pertinent information including Board names, Committee & Event names, Local Rules and much more was written by Kathy Stillwell.  Applications for Membership Renewal and New Memberships were combined to streamline this process.  Membership renewal was increased to $50/$40.  The Sponsorship/Partnership program was developed by Toni Jenkins and Barbara Pickelman.  Toni, as Sponsorship Director successfully recruited Brandt Travel, Betty McKean, David Meadors and Frisco Travel as participants.  Though the Charity Tournaments had been very successful in prior years, the Board elected  to discontinue this event. The 2014 recipient of the Charity Tournament, City House purchased a van with the donated funds.  The Golf Director increased the number of Rules and Etiquette meetings and added The Eclectic and Member/Guest  as new tournaments. Jenny Blackwood began publishing the President’s Monthly Message to provide important and up-to-date information to the membership.  Judy Litty was instrumental in having our course rerated from the Ladies tee boxes.  In August, the Social Mixer at One 2 One Restaurant was enjoyed by our members and guests. Our Christmas charity supported Hope’s Door.  Since there was not a Hole-in One, the fund carried over to 2016.





President                                     Linda Mason

Vice President                            Shirley Ziegler

Secretary                                     Joyce Braun

Treasurer                                     Carol Lyons

Membership                               Marilyn Colon

Social Director                           Rosemary Calderon

Golf Director                              Jenny Blackwood

Past President                            Charlotte Ashworth


9- Hole Coordinator                 Janet DeLaurier

18-Hole Coordinator                Sue Mercker

Saturday Coordinator               Vicky Carter

Monday Coordinator                Lois Conover


Membership:  144 Members including Social


The Golf Program continued to expand with the introduction of Ringer cards, Hole-In-One club ($5 participation fee), Match Play Event and the Ladder Tournament.  Rosemary Calderon was the first winner of the Hole-in-One collecting $245.  Various Board members attended semi-monthly meetings with Kyle, the club grounds superintendent in order to establish better communication with management and our organization. Each member received a Bag Tag detailing frequently used USGA Rules.  Our first Happy Hour evening event was planned to announce the winner of the Wildflower Cup.  An evening Social Mixer for members and guests was organized at the One 2 One restaurant.  The Charity Tournament chaired by Toni Jenkins raised an unprecedented $37,000 to benefit City House.  Members received a scrample Pick-Up Stick at the Holiday Party.




President                                     Charlotte Ashworth

Vice President                            Shirley Ziegler

Secretary                                     Joyce Braun

Treasurer                                     Dianne Dunn

Membership                               Linda Mason

Social Director                           Donna Michel

Golf Director                              Jenny Blackwood

Past President                            Pat Dunmore


9-Hole Coordinator                  Marilyn Colon

18-Hole Coordinator                Janis Koslowski

Saturday Coordinator               Vicki Carter

Monday Coordinator                Linda Mason


Membership:  133 Members including Social


The Birdie and Par Tree was introduced this year with postings on the bulletin board.  The Ambassador program  was developed and implemented to welcome new members.  Our first official Rules Clinic was taught by Fran Wisner. The Board voted to support the Inaugural Night Golf Event.  In September, our Charity Tournament was chaired by Rosemary Calderon raising $22,028 to benefit Frisco Cares.  The Holiday Party collected $800 for Family Services.  Members that attended the Holiday Party received a small red golf tee bag.  Under the direction of the Golf Director, our golf program expanded to include more tournaments and positions requiring additional committee chairs. 


Business Issue:  The Treasurer recommended that the Board approve the “Quick Books” program for maintaining all Financial Records.





President                                    Pat Dunmore

Vice President                           Charlotte Ashworth

Secretary                                    Kathy Aldrich

Treasurer                                     Sue Frisby

Membership                               Linda Mason

Social Director                           Joyce Braun

Past President                            Fran Wisner


9-Hole Coordinator                  Lois Conover

18-Hole Coordinator                Dianne Dunn


Membership:  129 Members including Social


Frisco Lakes hosted their first Exchange in May which was  chaired by Charlotte Ashworth.  In September, our Charity Tournament, chaired by Rosemary Calderon raised $16,221 to benefit Frisco Cares.  Membership began sending Welcoming Letters to new members. Bluebonnet seeds were planted. The FLWGA calendar followed prior year’s activities with similar dates and events.  The Holiday Party gifts were bag tags with names and bead counters made by Ann Cray.


Business Issue:  The By-Laws were revised.  The Board of Directors elected to add the position of Golf Director in 2013 as a board member.  The Nominating Committee included this position in their search.





President                                    Fran Wisner

Vice President                           Pat Dunmore

Treasurer                                    Bonnie Kenan

Secretary                                    Connie Becker

Membership                               Shirley Ziegler

Social Director                          Carolyn Chrone

Past President                           Glena Rogers

9-Hole Coordinator                  Leslie Kise                     

18-Hole Coordinator                 Charlotte Ashworth


Membership:  117 Members including Social


Our Local FLWGA Rules were written by Charlotte Ashworth and adopted by the Board.  She also organized informal rules meetings to educate our players.  Handicaps were implemented in all playday activities and were used to determine winners.  The Charity Tournament chaired by Petra Vandergriend raised $13,963 to benefit Children’s Medical Center.  Our records indicate the Scramble and Pool Party were held in September and the Holiday Party in December but does not reference the Kick-Off Party.  The Inaugural Wild Flower Cup was played in November with Bluebonnets winning the match.  Notes reflect that Central Texas Golf Association was started.






President                                     Glena Rogers

Vice President                            Fran Wisner

Secretary                                     Jeannine Nieman

Treasurer                                     Carol Lyon

Membership                               Rosemary Calderon

Social Director                           Rexine Fritz

Past President                            Sue Frisby


9-Hole Coordinator                  Pat Dunmore

18-Hole Coordinator                 Sheryln Herbert

Monday Coordinator                 Ruth Ellen Mentgen

Saturday Coordinator                Dianne Dunn


Membership: 100 Members including Social


Equitable Stroke was implemented this year with a maximum handicap set at 40.  The golf program established record keeping for all players having a “First” Par, Birdie, Eagle and Hole-In-One for year-end awards. Handicaps were not used to determine playday winners. Our organization joined El Dorado, Heritage Ranch and Lantana in the Exchange Program.  The Charity Tournament, chaired by Linda Mason was played in October raising $11,700 for the Susan G. Komen Rally.  In February, the Kick-Off Party was held, the Scramble and Pool Party were organized in September and the Holiday Party was celebrated at the Golf Club in December.  Play-day Scrambles followed by organized Socials were played in March, May, July and November.





President                                     Sue Frisby

Vice President                           Glena Rogers

Treasurer                                     Marianne Riberich

Secretary                                    Connie Baird

Membership                               Carolyn Chrone

Social Director                           Rosemary Calderon

Past President                            Ann Cray


9-Hole Coordinator                   Jeannine Nieman                                        

18-Hole Coordinator                 Fran Wisner


Membership:  82 Members including Social


The “Chip In” pot was introduced this year with a buy-in of 25 cents.  Money was also collected for three-putts used to plant Bluebonnets on Holes #9 and #18.  Handicaps were not used to determine playday winners.  Putters were measured and marked with tape to institute the “gimmie” program. The first Wednesday of each month found members enjoying meals after golf at the Amenities Center.  The Social Committee prepared the meals charging each member $3.00.  The Inaugural Charity Event raised $8,043 for the Susan G. Komen Rally.


The first Play Day Scramble was organized this year.  9-Hole members played an Away Scramble at Stewart Peninsula.  The first Halloween golf play-day used orange balls and special holes.  Activities for the year included the Kick-Off Party, Evening at the Pool, Awards Evening and Holiday Party.


Business Issue:  FLWGA considered having different play-days for the 18-Hole players and 9-Hole players due to the number of golfers participating each week.  The board decided to keep the groups together, playing on the same morning.





President                                     Ann Cray

Vice President                            Sue Frisby

Treasurer                                     Marianne Riberich

Secretary                                     Carolyn Chrone

Social Director                           Marge Bald


9-Hole Coordinator                   Joanne Eslinger

18-Hole Coordinator                 Sue Frisby


Membership:  50 Members including Social


Annual Dues:  $25.00


The clubhouse was located in a trailer on old Hole #2.  Organized play was planned once a week with groups starting on Hole #2 and finishing on Hole #1.  Handicaps were not used to determine playday winners.  Tournaments were not played the first year but there were three organized social gatherings.  The Kick-off Party, Pool Party and Holiday Party were all held at the pool, as Meeting Rooms were not available at that time.  A black golf purse was given to the members at the Holiday Party.  The committees provided food purchased at Costco or Kroger’s.





The Frisco Lakes Women’s Golf Association acquired a Charter with Frisco Lakes.  The golf group initially played at Stewart Peninsula in The Colony.  Handicaps were not used to determine playday winners.  When the Frisco Lakes Golf Course opened on Halloween in 2007, Pulte sponsored free golf for the residents.

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