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BYLAWS DESCRIPTION:  The Membership Director shall be the contact for new and renewal membership and maintain a register of the current members of the Association.  She shall be responsible for sending all notices to members in accordance with the provisions of these bylaws.


DUTIES include but are not limited to:


  • Ensure that prospective members receive information about FLWGA

    • Accept/deny new members through the Village Website

    • Send informational email about the FLWGA to prospective members 

    • Send a welcoming email to new members joining the FLWGA

  • Ensure that new members are set up on all appropriate systems

    • Add new members to roster maintained in Golf Software 

    • Confirm payment of dues with the Treasurer; resolve discrepancies

    • Notify Golf Director and Play Day Coordinators of new members

    • Send email with Golf Software log-in and password to new member

  • Maintain an up to date roster with current information for member communication in Golf Software and membership email

    • Monitors and responds to / forwards emails received in the membership email (

    • Email all approved notices and flyers to membership

    • Serve as contact person for membership information

  • Coordinates for publicity for the FLWGA​

    • Coordinates publicity with the Frisco Lakes HOA and the Frisco Lakes Lifestyle magazine in coordination with the Vice President

    • Maintains postings on all public bulletin boards within the Frisco Lakes community

  • Trains and manages the Sunshine Coordinator, who handles correspondence with membership during illness or family tragedy


PREFERRED SKILLS:   Knowledge of Excel software, ability to learn the related functions of and Golf Software  


TOOLS NEEDED:  Computer or laptop with internet access (preferably Windows-based) 

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