BYLAWS DESCRIPTION:  The president shall be the principal executive director of the 
Association and shall in general supervise and control all of the business and affairs of the Association.  She may sign, with the secretary or any other proper Director of the Association authorized by the Board of Directors, any contracts or other instruments which have been authorized to be executed.  She shall perform all duties incident to the office of President. 
DUTIES will include but not be limited to:  
•    With the Golf Director, set the schedule of activities for the year 
•    Schedule all monthly Board Meetings, and prepare and send out Agendas 
•    Preside over the monthly Board Meetings 
•    Inform the members of decisions made during the Board Meetings 
•    Preview any information sent out to members 
•    Oversee all activities 
•    With the Golf Director, be the liaison between the FLWGA and the Golf Club 
•    Sign all contracts and be one of the signatures needed on checks written • In general, be involved in all activities related to the FLWGA  
PREFERRED SKILLS:   Group leadership, knowledge of FLWGA practices, previous board experience   

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